McLaren MP4/4 - Limited Edition

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The McLaren MP4/4 was a highly successful Formula 1 car that competed in the 1988 Formula One season. It was designed by American engineer Steve Nichols, with assistance from the team's Technical Director Gordon Murray.

It is one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever built, winning all but one race and claiming all but one pole position in the 1988 season.

McLaren secured the 1.5L V6 Honda turbo engines, one of the most powerful in F1 at the time. Team boss Ron Dennis had previously tried to secure Honda engines for his Formula 2 team and welcomed the Japanese company after four successful years with the TAG engines.

Steve Nichols went ahead with the design of the car on a purely turbo engine basis, which put the team at a distinct advantage over their rivals.

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  • ○ Formula Perfect Brake Kit (Price is TBA. Now accepting non-paid pre-orders. Just contact us to reserve your set. Take a look at what we have accomplished so far on the Ferrari 643 page to get an idea of what will be coming. It's going to be incredible.)
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Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set

$225 - Click to Order

The Rim Set adds a whole new level of realism to your MP4/4! Unlike the stock cast rims in the kit, the correct number of holes appear on the front and back with accurate cutouts to create the spokes. The visible part of the rims boast a meticulous, near-polished finish that, once anodized, will provide the perfect to scale look.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Beautiful Rims of Course!
  • ○ Valves Stems With Internal Valves
  • ○ Tire Lettering Stencils
  • ○ Instructions

Formula Perfect Brake Kit

TBD - Click to Order

Included In This Set
Deagostini-Kyosho McLaren MP4/4 1/8 Scale Model Upright Assembly Deagostini-Kyosho McLaren MP4/4 1/8 Scale Model Rotor