Ford GT40 Mk I Gulf

Iconic for its victories 1968 and 1969 in the 24-hour Le Mans, the Ford GT40 Mk I Gulf made a name for itself in historic defeats of Ferrari. After Ford failed to purchase Ferrari in 1963, it decided to enter motor racing in full force; if they couldn’t buy their competition, they would set out to beat it. The term "GT40" has its roots in the car’s mere 40 inch stance off the ground, and was powered by Ford’s mighty Indy Car 289-cubic-inch V-8. Ford won 4 races in a row from 1966-69, but the 1075 chassis is iconic, as it was the only car to win Le Mans twice in a row, each victory a 3,100 mile adventure. This gave it prestige of an entire era, and made it the most successful car in motorsports history.

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