Ferrari LaFerrari

About the Car

Above sports cars, there are exotic cars, and then there is the LaFerrari, which lives in a stratosphere of its own as an ultra-exotic masterpiece. Boasting a 789 horsepower V12 engine, along with an F1 hybrid unit that outputs an an additional 161 horsepower, the HY-KERS system and engine top out at a staggering 950 horsepower. The LaFerrari’s aerodynamics give this car a gorilla’s worth of downforce at 800 pounds. The only way to bring this fighter-jet-of-a-vehicle to a halt is by utilizing cross-drilled, vented, carbon-ceramic rotors that are the size of crash cymbals. Whether you're just beginning your LaFerrari, or you have already completed it, this stunning brake kit can be added to bring even more realism and stunning visual detail and realism to your model kit.



NEW! - Formula Perfect Brake Kit

$195.00 - Click to Order

Included In This Set

  • ○ 4 Brake Rotors
  • ○ 4 Brake Hats
  • ○ 40 Brake Hat Hardware Pieces
  • ○ 12 Varied Lengths of Dowel Pins (3 Sets of 4 pieces each, assuming you are retrofitting the brake kit to your already-completed LaFerrari)


  • ○ Coming Soon!


Hachette Ferrari LaFerrari 1/8 Scale Model Brake Kit Hachette Ferrari LaFerrari 1/8 Scale Model Brake Hats Hachette Ferrari LaFerrari 1/8 Scale Model Brake Kit