Ferrari 643 - Limited Edition

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  • ○ Formula Perfect Front Suspension Set
  • ○ Formula Perfect Brake Caliper Set
  • ○ Much, Much More!



Formula Perfect Cast Metal Parts & Coolant Lines Set

$138.50 - Click to Order

Included In This Set
  • ○ 20 Cast Metal Parts
  • ○ 4 Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Tubing Pieces
  • ○ 6 Machined Temperature Sensors
  • ○ 9 Hand-Formed Coolant Lines
  • ○ 1 1/16 Drill
  • ○ 1 Piece of Shrink Tubing
Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Castings Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Exhaust Headers Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Radiator Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Coolant Lines Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Shrink Tubing and Temperature Sensors

Formula Perfect Forward Bulkheads, Master Cylinders, Bottle & Fittings Set

$167.50 - Click to Order

Included In This Set
  • ○ 1 Front & Rear Gearbox Halves
  • ○ 1 Steering Rack
  • ○ 2 Steering Rack Links
  • ○ 2 Steering Gearbox Threaded Ends
  • ○ 2 Steering Gearbox Main Adjustment Nut
  • ○ 2 Steering Gearbox Jam Nuts
  • ○ 1 Forward Cockpit Bulkhead
  • ○ 1 Forward Cockpit Bulkhead Electronics Box
  • ○ 1 Nose Cone Bulkhead
  • ○ 4 Banjo Fittings
  • ○ 4 Banjo Mounting Bolts
  • ○ 3 Banjo Fitting Bases (used on the side of each Master Cylinder)
  • ○ 1 Banjo Fitting Base (used on the top of the center Master Cylinder)
  • ○ 3 Master Cylinders
  • ○ 3 Master Cylinder End Caps
  • ○ 3 Master Cylinder Upper Mounting Stud w/ Nut
  • ○ 3 Master Cylinder Lower Mounting Fitting
  • ○ 1 Disconnect Pin
  • ○ 1 Disconnect Pin Receiver Base
  • ○ 1 Large Fluid Bottle
  • ○ 1 Large Fluid Bottle Cap
  • ○ 1 Small Fluid Bottle
  • ○ 1 Small Fluid Bottle Cap
  • ○ 2 Fluid Bottle Mounting Pins
  • ○ 9 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins
  • ○ 1 Steering Gearbox Mounting Spacer (To be determined if needed)
  • ○ 2 Drills
Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Forward Bulkheads Set

Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set

$225 - Click to Order

The Rim Set adds a whole new level of realism to your 643! Unlike the stock cast rims in the kit, the correct number of holes appear on the front and back with accurate cutouts to create the spokes. The visible part of the rims boast a meticulous, near-polished finish that, once anodized, will provide the perfect to scale look.

The rims are now in last stages of machining and we are adding the many holes required before we move onto cutting the spokes. When that task is completed, the anodized finished touch will be added. We hope to have this new set shipping in mid to late August.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Beautiful Rims of Course!
  • ○ Valves Stems With Internal Valves
  • ○ Tire Lettering Stencils
  • ○ Instructions
  • ○ Online Instructions Available Upon Release!
Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Tire and Rim Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Rims

Formula Perfect Dampers, Half Shafts, & CV Joints Set

$184.50 - Click to Order

Wow! We are really pleased to release this new detail set for the 1/8 scale Ferrari 643 F1 kit that was made by Rosso several years ago. 43 components make up this set, but only four were sourced. Aside from that, every last bit was developed buy us. As always, we produced the 3D CAD drawings with all the components being put together in a digital assembly to ensure a proper fit, which also required us to draw many of the Rosso kit parts to make certain everything worked with those parts as well. We then our shop prints to reference and ensure each part is made to the exact tolerances they were designed to. Next, we spent numerous hours writing G-Code to produce all of the parts.

These took an enormous amount of work and we spent hundreds of dollars on special fixtures, tooling and attachments so we could, once again, raise the bar on the things we make just for you! We utilized proprietary fixtures this time around because many of the multi-machine, multi-process to create all of the features. With each part, we had to maintain precise concentricity or everything would become off-center. That, of course, is sub-par, which we also refuse to accept. As a rule, we do not release products that are below our highest standard of perfection. To get an idea of the intricate details put into these parts, don't forget to notice the pencil tip in many of the photos…and just for grins, we've posted a picture of all kit parts at the bottom.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Front Dampers
  • ○ Rear Dampers
  • ○ CV Joints
  • ○ Half Shafts
  • ○ Instructions
  • ○ Online Instructions Coming Soon!
Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Front Damper Parts Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Front Damper Assembled Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Rear Damper Parts Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model Rear Damper Assembled Rosso Ferrari 643 1/8 Scale Model CV Joints

Formula Perfect Velocity Stacks & Fuel Injection System Set

$134.50 - Click to Order

Featured below are the latest images of the new Fuel Injection System and Velocity Stacks Set for the Ferrari 643. We announced that the kit was going to have 61 parts, but after looking at the modified air box base, I felt there were four additional parts that needed to be included, at no additional cost!

If drilling the injector bases proves to be a difficult task I am going to make masters, a mold of them and include them in the set at no additional cost.

The fuel rails are being supplied with the outer surface unfinished. This will allow you the option to either finish them with a satin brushed look or sand them with a very fine sand paper, such as 400 and then 600 grit so they can be polished to a mirror finish. They have been drilled with the six holes where the injectors connect as well as the ends having been machined and drilled to receive the AN fittings along with proper end profile.

We are going to begin instructions for this kit, yes, yes, I know, it's hard to believe what your eyes are reading, but yes, we are going to begin making instructions for our kits. Please sit down before you faint, and for goodness sake don't hold your breathe as this will take a bit to accomplish. We will be working on making a video that will be published to YouTube along with written instructions, with pictures (I know, who would have ever thought it would come this this) as well as publishing them in pdf on our site. If I can figure it out, we'll also embed the videos in our site so you can watch them without having to leave the site and go to YouTube.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Aluminium Rod for Plumbing
  • ○ CNC-Machined Tool for Bending Plumbing
  • ○ 12 Velocity Stacks
  • ○ 6 Right-Side Injectors
  • ○ 6 Left-Side Injectors
  • ○ 12 Center Injectors
  • ○ 8 AN Fittings
  • ○ 2 Center Fuel Rails
  • ○ 2 Outer Fuel Rails
  • ○ Engine-Front-Side Male Connection Block
  • ○ 2 Center Mounting Blocks
  • ○ Modified Air Box Base
  • ○ White Styrene Plastic for Electronics Connections (on each outside injector)
  • ○ A Section of .02 Aluminum Wire (for connections between injectors and fuel rails)
  • ○ 1/16 Inch Drill (to drill the injector bases of the kit for injector fitting. If drilling the injector bases proves to be too difficult, we will produce a master mold and ship a duplicate to you at no additional cost! Just contact support if you'd like one)
  • ○ Online Instructions Coming Soon!

Formula Perfect Brake Kit

$169.50 - Click to Order

The first picture below show nearly everything that is in this Super Kit. The only items not pictured are two of the rotors, the four spindle receivers and the 2 drills along with the countersink. The two other rotors and the spindle receivers were in another picture but it didn't turn out, so we need to retake that one and update the site. Good thing I'm a better machinist than photographer or we'd starve. The drills and countersink are ordered and will be here on Tuesday. We will be processing order through the week and we will start shipping them on Friday, possibly sooner if our week goes better than presently planned.

This set contains the usual little bits you are use to seeing in our other Super Brake Kits, such as: nuts, bolts, pins, spindles, brake hats, simulated carbon fiber rotors (properly drilled), wheel nuts, and so on. We did consolidate some of the parts for easier production and assembly.

Below, we wrote to a customer regarding the 643 Super Brake Kit and assembling it. Please email us if you have any questions we can answer or explain further.

Getting sick delayed creating any sort of instructions. We're sorry they weren't included. I think the paperwork you have is for the 1/12 scale brake kits, which we may have put in your kit by mistake.

You will need to place each brake hat into each rotor and drill the eight 1/16th inch holes to accept the outer perimeter mounting bolts. Test drill one hole and try the fit. If it is off by a little bit, you can rotate the brake hat to cover up that hole and then drill the rest in your adjusted location.

The pins at the bottom of the bag are the nut, washer, stud pins that go around the perimeter of each brake hat. There are 32 and each brake hat requires eight. Please note: These parts have a very specific pattern machined to them so they will seat into the slots properly and look correct. Looking at the area on the pins where the fit onto the brake hats, there are three machined flats that are 90° to each other, directly opposite the flat face that is the largest are two faces machined to a point. This area needs to face, or be pointing, towards the center of the brake hat. This allows the pins to slide into each slot as far as possible and will provide the proper look. Please contact us if you have any questions about this specific area or need any replacement parts.

The next set of pins, which there are 24, are for the inner flat socket head cap screws and go in the 6 holes that are the closet to the center. They should fit in flush with the surface.

The next two sets of pins are 12 and 12 each. There are pointed and flat top, each have shoulders. Each brake hat gets 3 of ea. and they are placed every other one. They fit into the larger holes that are counterbored. Three pins are placed 120° apart and then you make a 60° move to start in the next set of pins that will also be 120° apart.

When you mount the brake assembly to the upright, you will place the proper receiver into the backside of the upright and then place the brake hat/rotor assembly in it's proper location of the outside face of the upright. Do a test fit and if all is well. You can glue an assembly in place. you should drill out your rim, counter sink it and thread on the wheel nut. The wheel nut will be used as your depth stop to keep the spindle in the proper location while your adhesive dries. The spindle receiver, when in place, should stick up just above the surface where the back of the brake rotor mounts. This is so you can apply a very small amount of adhesive to that face to glue to the back of the rotor and some adhesive in the inside of the bore to glue the spindle in place. make certain the assembly can rotate if desired, otherwise glue everything in place. Put the wheel on along with the wheel nut and set it to the proper depth. Allow the glue to dry. The spindles were machined long on purpose and if need be they can be shortened by using a hobby razor saw that is very thin with approx. 32 teeth per inch. Their length should not be a problem though.

Coming later will be calipers and wheels, so don't glue those parts in place or to the model if you would like to get the CNC machined calipers and rims when they become available.

Please let us know if I can be of further assistance. I am here to help. If you need any replacement parts, just let us know and we'll send them our right away free of charge.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Two Front and Rear Brake Hats
  • ○ Two Front and Rear Brake Rotors
  • ○ Two Front and Rear Spindles
  • ○ Two Front and Rear Spindle Receivers
  • ○ Four Spindle Wheel Nuts
  • ○ 32 Outer Brake Hat Fasteners
  • ○ 24 Inner Brake Hat Fasteners
  • ○ 12 Pointed Rim Locating Pins
  • ○ 12 Flat Rim Locating Pins
  • ○ 60° Countersink
  • ○ Quarter-Inch Drill
  • ○ 1/16 Inch Drill
  • ○ #57 Drill
  • ○ Online Instructions Coming Soon!