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Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set


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After many months of meticulous machining, we are thrilled to release the Ferrari 641/2 (F190) Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set. Our anodizing partners never fail to deliver the best, and only the best. We hope you're as excited as we are. There's nothing more to say... just look at them!

Many years ago we were allowed to photograph an actual Ferrari 641/2 and we used those photos as reference to create perfect CAD drawings so we could accurately create these 1/12 scale gems. The number of holes, the width of the spokes and many more features were painstakingly programmed and machined into each rim and adds a whole new level of realism to your 641/2!

Unlike the stock plastic rims in the kit, the correct number of holes appear on the front and back with accurate cutouts to create the spokes. Once anodized, these will provide the perfect to scale look to your Ferrari. Also included, but not featured at this time, will be four machined valve stems to complete the look and special back spacers if you are using the stock spindle and wheel nut provided by Tamiya.

We made a limited quantity of these and it will be awhile before we can produce more, so if you are interested, order now while they are available. Also, if you would like to get a look at the spectacular black anodizing that will be applied to these rims, jump over to the Ferrari 643 page. Here at Thunder Valley F1, we agonize over the details before we apply "Formula Perfect", our seal of approval, to our products.

Included In This Set
  • ○ 8 Precision CNC machined rim sections
  • ○ 4 CNC machined valve stems
  • ○ 4 special back spacers to use with stock spindle and wheel nuts if you are not using our Formula Perfect Spindle & Wheel Nut Set
Tamiya Ferrari 641/2 1/12 Scale Model Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set Tamiya Ferrari 641/2 1/12 Scale Model Spacers and Valve Stems