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We've produced the Formula Perfect Machined Aluminum & Anodized Rim Set for the Williams FW14B. If you want this product, tell us you're interested by clicking the button below. It only takes a second!

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Williams FW14B

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Formula Perfect Machined & Anodized Rim Set


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The Williams FW14B Rims have been planned for some time, and they're coming off our machines by the batches! The first sets have already made their way to the anodizer's, where they will be treated with an exquisite, black sheen. Orders will start shipping upon their return. We've exerted a great deal of effort, ensuring the fidelity of every spoke, angle, thickness, and numerous other dimensions. We've included a past Ferrari 641/2 rim to remind everyone of the unprecedented finish quality. A whole new level of realism is in the works for your FW14B!

Included In This Set
  • ○ 8 Anodized Rim Sections
  • ○ 4 Valve Stems
  • ○ 4 Adapters (If Using Tamiya Spindle and Nut)
Tamiya Williams FW14B 1/12 Scale Model Rim Set 1 Tamiya Williams FW14B 1/12 Scale Model Rim Set 2