New Williams FW14B Rims - Thunder Valley® F1 News 7/23/19


  • ○ Williams FW14B Rim Set Announcement!
  • ○ We will begin sending PayPal invoices to everyone who pre-ordered. If you have not pre-ordered, please place your order right away.
  • ○ 1/12 Scale Orders Update
  • ○ Don't forget…you can now easily place orders and pre-orders on our new order form!

Absolute Beauties

The Williams FW14B Rims have been planned for some time, and they're coming off our machines by the batches! The first sets have already made their way to the anodizer's, where they will be treated with an exquisite, black sheen. Orders will start shipping upon their return. We've exerted a great deal of effort, ensuring the fidelity of every spoke, angle, thickness, and numerous other dimensions. We've included a past Ferrari 641/2 rim to remind everyone of the unprecedented finish quality. A whole new level of realism is in the works for your FW14B!

Williams FW14B Rims

We have pre-orders for the McLaren MP4/6 rims and we will produce a batch in the middle of our total production run of our Williams FW14B rims, as some of you requested both.

1/12 Scale Orders Update

Most 1/12 scale stock has run out at this time. We are now scrambling to get everything we need to complete the orders machined. Please have patience as we close this chapter of the company.

We are putting in 16 hour days. Everyone's orders will get filled.

Excitement is Building…Literally!

We are truly, very excited about what is in the works for future products and the future of the company. Phenomenal new products are being produced, we're utilizing new technologies, and adding new machines all the time. It's going to be a great time building what we have planned. Stay tuned!

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the very best everyone,